Company Introduction


Founded in 2012, Arttronix is a one-stop solution provider of IOT and smart devices, offering completely world class service from design, tooling, Bom-kitting, inventory management, production to order fulfillment. By integrating the abundant resources and response promptly, different project obtains complementary advantages, the innovative idea turns into the reality easily, and the product can be launched to the market in a short time.

The company boasts the most knowledgeable sales team and provides the most humanized and considerate customer service as well as the most economical global logistics support.

At Arttronix, our business principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs. We are grateful for our successes and learn from our failures and we strive to show humility, respect and fairness toward all our customers from every corner of the world.

Hot Products

MAX1675EUA+T Maxim
MAX3071EESA+T Maxim
MAX4092ASA+T Maxim
MAX890LESA+ Maxim
DS2482S-100+   Maxim
MAX9611AUB+ Maxim
MAX6324HUT29+T Maxim
MAX9972ACCS+D Maxim


Bom Kitting

This service allows customers to reduce inventory levels, procurement costs, and cycle times by relying on Arttronix’s material management and manufacturing coordination services to deliver all parts on the Bom to the appointed place on demand.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs
The VMI programs without requiring any additional storage space in your facility……

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