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Arttonix is committed to giving you personalized service and customized solutions on PCB (rigid, flexible and rigid-flex ),power supply and LED products. Whether you need quick-turn, prototype, short-run or high volume production, it can be handled with variety of value added and programming services.


PCB Production Capacity  
Layer count   1 ~ 64layers
Base Material  FR-4,FR-5, CEM-3, PTFE, BT, Getek,Copper base, Rogers, Alu-based
Board thickness   6-240mil
Max Base copper weight  210um (6oz) for inner layer 210um (6oz) for outer layer
Min mechanical drill size 0.2mm (0.008")
Max panel size  Sigle side or double sides:500mm*1200mm,
Multilayer layers:508mm X 610mm (20" X 24")
Surface finish

Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) ,HASL,Lead Free HASL ,

ENIG,Gold plating,Gold Finger, Carbon Print, Peelable S/M

Solder mask color Green, Blue, White, Black, Clear, etc.
Outline finish type CNC Routing; V-Scoring / Cut; Punch


Power Supply
LED Driver( Indoor LED Driver,Outdoor LED Driver,Controller) 
Enclosed Switching Power Supply
Open Frame Power Supply
Charger & Adaptor
Customer Designed Products


PCBA Capacity   ¡¡
Manufacturering Equipment  Solder paste Printer machine(BESTIME T1010A)
Glue dispenser machine(JUKI KD2077)
Chip mounter machine(JUKI FX-3)
IC mounter machine(JUKI 2080)
Reflow Soldering Machine(JT NS1000)
AOI Machine(Omron VT-RNS2)
Axial Insertion Machine(Panasonic AV131)
Radial Insertion Machine( Panasonic RL132)
Wave Soldering Machine (JT350)
ICT machine (JET300)
Critical Quality Test  3D Test Equipment
X-RAY Test Equipment
Environment Test Equipment( Including High Temperature & Humidity¡¢Low Temperature & Humidity¡¢Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test)
Burn In Test
Quality Standard  IPC-610D


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